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Infographics That Tell a Story

A blog I wrote for my company in a PR recipes series highlighting storytelling tactics. This was focused on how a company can use an Infographic to tell a story, using data.

It would not be an exaggeration to say content marketing is one of the fastest growing trends in both PR and marketing. This is a form of marketing that places emphasis on generating great content, with the goal of creating content so strong that it can essentially market itself through organic shares. This type of content includes blog posts, video, podcast, and what this post is all about, infographics.


Choose the Right Topic.

The topic of your infographic should relate to your client’s industry, but it must also be accessible enough to go viral. You want to create something that people will want to share. A successful infographic can establish your client or brand as a thought leader in the...

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Digital Skills Every New Grad Should Know

This is the first blog post I wrote for my company following my graduation a year ago. I hope this finds those who are looking. –

It seemed appropriate that my first blog post would be about a recent article from Mashable highlighting 10 digital skills new graduates shouldn’t be without. I’ve chosen the 4 skills I find most important and how I use them every day.

Backing up to the cloud. I really cannot agree with this more. Every college grad, and undergrad, should know how to set up and regularly use cloud storage. Having all my documents and media right at my fingertips on any device has saved me in a pinch quite a few times. I can save a document on my personal computer, review it on my phone, and access it right from my work computer. The user interfaces for these programs are simple and easy to pick in a matter of
minutes. Dropbox is a personal favorite of mine because of its...

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