Digital Skills Every New Grad Should Know

This is the first blog post I wrote for my company following my graduation a year ago. I hope this finds those who are looking. –

It seemed appropriate that my first blog post would be about a recent article from Mashable highlighting 10 digital skills new graduates shouldn’t be without. I’ve chosen the 4 skills I find most important and how I use them every day.

Backing up to the cloud. I really cannot agree with this more. Every college grad, and undergrad, should know how to set up and regularly use cloud storage. Having all my documents and media right at my fingertips on any device has saved me in a pinch quite a few times. I can save a document on my personal computer, review it on my phone, and access it right from my work computer. The user interfaces for these programs are simple and easy to pick in a matter of
minutes. Dropbox is a personal favorite of mine because of its ease of use and gigabits of free storage.

Basic photo and video editing skills. Knowing your way around Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, and Final Cut Pro can go a long way. Companies, in all industries, have whole heartedly embraced the importance of a digital presence. Many companies are choosing to enhance that presence with creative content through videos and graphics. Having the basic skills to throw together a simple brand image or short clip can help you out in a bind when your graphic designer is out of reach.

Coding. Coding is the way of the future, you’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again. So many of the tools we use today require at least some level of coding. Coding is one skill I wish I knew better as I graduated. I run into situations daily where my limited html skills are just not enough. Luckily, the internet is full of helpful tools to teach you the basics, and even advanced skills, of coding. I use Code Academy because of its friendly interface and game like nature. Coding is increasingly important when it comes to self-branding, which leads me into the fourth and final skill.

Self-Branding. In today’s digital world your online persona is just as important as your physical one, maybe even more so. When a client or employer searches your name on Google you want the most positive things about you to appear high on that list. Creating social network accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ are a great place to start. A personal website can serve as an online resume, showcasing your skills and talents on your terms. I have an account with all the big social media sites and run my own music blog. When my online persona is searched in Google, my blogs and social networks appear at the top of the list. All of which showcase my skills, talents and personality.

These four skills are essential for staying relevant and literate in the technology world. What digital skills are most important to you and your team? What digital skills do you look for on a resume?


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